I think I'm paying too much tax. How do I get a
second opinion?

It is possible that your previous tax preparer could have missed allowable deductions, credits or tax elections that could have been to your benefit. We see this frequently. One small business owner asked us to look over a return prepared by another accountant. By making a few changes we were able to save him over $22,000 in tax by creative use of his retirement plan and treatment of certain items of income and expense. Needless to say, he has become one of our clients. In another case, we were able to increase allowable deductions for a sales and installation company by identifying a certain kind of deduction allowed in their industry. This deduction had not been taken by their previous CPA. Contact us if you would like to discuss your situation.

I don't feel like my finances are under control, what do I have to do to correct that?

We find that if you feel you are not in control of your finance, you are probably right. There are good reasons why could you lose sight of the back office functions, running a business is difficult. By partnering with a firm like ours, and outsourcing the bookkeeping, payroll and tax functions to us, your feeling of uncertainty becomes one of relief. Relief that things are getting done, correctly and on time. And we report back to you on issues that you should know about.

Am I paying too much for bookkeeping, payroll or
accounting services?

In our firm we have systematized our workflow and processes so that we are always at peak efficiency. We've done this to ensure that our time is spent on the important matters with little unproductive time. This translates into lower professional fees without a loss in quality. Also, our fee structure is based on a flat monthly fee, so that you can budget your monthly expenses and not suffer billing surprises.

What financial information do I need to best manage
my business?

At a minimum, we recommend that you look at your monthly statement of income and expenses. This is your first report on your performance for the month, and year to date, which can give you insight into how your business is doing. For our monthly clients, along with the financial report, we include a write up of items we noticed for your consideration. If there is something you wish to discuss, we encourage you to contact us. There is no additional charge for reasonable duration consultations. To see an example of the monthly income and expense report that we produce, click here. [download sample report]

Other financial information that you could find useful would include the statement of assets, liabilities and equity, a ratio analysis of key financial ratios and a comparison to industry standards.

My accountant is hard to reach and slow in returning messages. Is your firm that way?

It is our policy to be available to our clients. Any form of communication works for us: telephone, email or fax. If you don't reach us immediately, we commit to return all messages in less than 24 hours.